JoinMax Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, manufacture and marketing of various robots, such as educational robot, entertainment robot, experimental robot, and artificial intelligence robot.

We develop a series of products which has patent rights, such as DIY assembly robot, IQ Bug, hexapod monster with 15 axis, robot dog with 15 axis, robot arm with 6 axis.

With built-in programmable artificial intelligence (A.I.), our robotic toys are easy to program and require no previous computer science knowledge. The DIY robot kits hands-on approach will enable our customers to understand various aspects of robotics and artificial intelligences. They will learn how to put them together and manipulate their intelligence with an easy-to-learn programming language.

These products are most suitable for kids and hobbyist with creative thinking and intuitive mind, and hobbyist that never stop on searching for more excitement and features. Each of them will have the ability to evolve with greater intelligence and greater degrees of freedom through series of our products upgrades. The expandability of our products ensures that they are not one-time toys. These products will grow alongside your kids as they become more intelligent and desire more complicated routines.