Guided by China Youth Science and technology counselors Association, sponsored by Shengtong Education Research Institute, and undertaken by ZMROBO, the 2021 ZMROBO event engineer certification training class [phase I] was held in Shanghai from July 9 to 11, 2021. A large number of excellent teachers from schools / educational institutions from all over the country gathered here to concentrate on their skills. Start a new journey!



    ZMROBO event engineer certification training course is held in four phases (2021.07-2022.01). The purpose of the activity is to improve the special teaching level and ability of youth education counselors and coaches, promote the professional growth of teachers, connect with and lead the innovation and development of science and technology education. The first phase of training activities is mainly around the super track race [WRC] event.




    As the official cooperation event of WRC world robot competition for many years, each session of ZMROBO super track competition attracts many teams from all over the world to participate with its unique interest, challenge and innovation. Over the years, the competition heat has continued to rise, and the overall competition scale has increased by more than 30% every year. It is known as the evergreen tree of robot competition.





    In addition, ZMROBO super track race, as a local event brand in China, has been widely recognized by the youth science and technology center of China Association for science and technology, China Electronics Society and education and science and technology departments at all levels in China. The competition has entered into the National Students' information literacy promotion practice activities of the central audio visual education Museum, and the "world robot competition" of China Electronics Society.



Teachers visit Shengtong Education Center




Teachers visit ZMROBO exhibition experience base


    In order to better promote the robot race to the public and popularize robot knowledge and education, ZMROBO super track race adopts the global selection system. There are three stages of competition (primary school, junior high school and senior high school), covering students aged 6-18. From entry to advanced stage, there are corresponding stages to participate in.


    In terms of event equipment, building blocks and rich accessories are equipped with complete and easy to understand construction manual and course materials. Students can give full play to imagination and realize smooth construction. Meanwhile, with the cooperation of software, simple graphical programming software is used to reduce the threshold of programming technology for competitors, so that the players can smoothly transition from graphic programming to code programming learning. It is of great significance to improve the global level of comprehensive professional level of intelligent robot cognition and application and to stimulate the cultivation of the innovative consciousness of young students.





Teacher award ceremony


    Through these days of study, teachers have gained a lot, their professional ability has been significantly improved, and their ability and confidence to do a good job in professional work under the new situation have been enhanced. Several leaders of ZMROBO awarded the training certificate of youth counselors Association of China Association for science and technology, the certificate of ZMROBO technology and the official certification plaque of the training base.




    Closely following the idea of Ideological Education in the new era, and earnestly implementing the theme education, ZMROBO has been steadily promoting the construction of the teaching team of youth education robot for many years, comprehensively improving the level and quality of teachers' special technology teaching, so as to promote the teaching, and provide strong support for the professional, orderly and large-scale development of youth robot education.



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