The motor is of high power, satisfactory for use in RCJ soccer match.


Connect port, made up of four wires:
Black Wire: GND;
Red Wire: Power Supply (+6.5V-+12V);
Yellow Wire: Signal Wire;
Brown Wire: Signal Wire

Specification label
Tyre Connector


1. It's of standard four-line connection, which connects to high-power motor control board. giving facility for the user's DIY extension usage.
2. 12V, 500rpm.
3. Torque: (@12VDC)
4. No-load current: 0.3A.
5. Stall current: 4.0A (@12VDC)



1. Notice
It's forbidden to stop the running motor by hand.

2. Hardware Installing
Connect the recorder module to a free port of RCU directly, beware the black wire should be near the margin, in other words, keep the black line to G letter.

3. Module Usage
Firstly, please make sure that the current RoboExp software is 3.0 version or up, and the module library 3.04 or up. User can get relative upgrading information in our website (
In the software, drag the icon of the motor module, set the corresponding parameters (i.e. the hardware name, speed variable, etc) according to the description of the module icon, and the module is ready for use. Input different commands into the "state" column of module property window, and the recorder is under control.
In RoboExp software, click in turn "File", "Open Example Programs", "Execute", "Motor Test", then open the example programs of motor.

Part List

1. 12V high-power L-shape motor (with built-in driver) (1 piece)
2. 2.5×14 bolt and nut (6 pairs)
3. 3.2×14 screw (2 piece)

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