It contains both graphic programming and C-language code programming interfaces. Its convenient operation gives facility for users developing programming thinking and mastering code programming step by step.



1) Easy to learn and use.
2) Flexible programming, in way of either flow chart icon programming or C-language code programming. The flow chart icons and codes can be displayed at the same screen for comparison, a handy way for codes learning and testing.
3) Customized setting, all such items as desktop pattern, line, background color and reminder message are decided by user.
4) Integrated online support and hint, enable user to program comfortably without any need to refer to manual or memory.
5) Allow users to create icons or modules by their own, meeting higher demands of DIY users and robot hackers.


gorgeous programming interface


Sensor Monitor in data collecting


Code Editor





1. The software RoboExpress is included in all the basic robotic


kits (JMC-NY-0600, JMC-NY-0601, JMC-NY-0602 & JMC-ZQ-0622).