Brief Introduction:

Humanoid robot tends to use several mini servo motors as its joints. JoinMax 24-servo Controller Kit (JMC-CB-1302) is an integrated system controlling up to 24 servos.

Parts List:

recommended fittings:
1) USB PC-robot communication cable (JMP-BE-9210) 1 piece
2) 5V-8A power adapter (JMP-BE-9403) 1 piece
3) 7.8V battery pack (6 pieces of 1100mah Ni-MH 1.2V rechargeable battery) (JMP-BE-9830) 2 pieces
4) charger for 7.8V battery pack (JMP-BE-9430) 1 piece
5) mini servo motor (BE-9505) several
6) mini servo motor (BE-9100) several
7) mini servo motor (BE-9508) several
8) red lamp (JMP-BE-1510)
green lamp (JMP-BE-1511)
blue lamp (JMP-BE-1512)


Servo Controlling Software - Mini Servo Explorer

Mini Servo Explorer is the specially designed control software based on a Windows platform for the JM-SSC24. It has many good features such as graphical user interface, easy to operate, and point and click operation.


It gets the following functions:

1. The upper limit and the lower limit of servomotors can be set separately according to the parameters or environmental conditions of each servomotor.

2. You can control any servomotor in the system separately. You can also make the servomotors work separately or work together.

3. You can make the servomotor move to the designated position at the highest speed, or you can make it move smoothly by setting its speed factor.

4. The servomotor can be controlled by inputting the value of position or drawing scrollbar on the interface.

5. The graphical user interface (GUI) is friendly and is easy to operate, and the software also provides many useful functions.

6. You can modify unwanted actions of the robot while you are playing it, and you can also edit the actions in the PC without connecting robot.
7. It is very easy to modify the actions of the robot because you can store the edited actions for later usage or link together many separate actions into a complete set of actions.

8. The software has many powerful functions, and useful samples. It could even be synchronized with playing music.


Please read the manual or online help of Mini Servo Explorer for more details.


The Embedded Function of the Servo Controller Unit

The servo controller BE-5232 in JMP-CB-1302 has functions as follows:

1. Receive real-time instruction from the communication port, and control up to 24 servos, easy to build multi-joint robot, or to control several robots at the same time.
2. Standard serial port and open international servo controller protocol, making it easy to program.
3. Reset button enables user to reset quickly in time of abnormal configuration or malfunction.
4. Optional power supply: battery or power adapter.
5. Power switch saves the trouble of cable plugging-in and pulling-out.
6. Set the bound value for each motor to prevent overheating and damage.
7. Set the start position of each motor.
8. Set the individual offset of each motor, saving the trouble of setting all motors again when one is changed.
9. Set the soft start time of the servos (20-5000 millisecond) separate by Mini Servo Explorer to prevent unstable pressure caused by contemporary start.
10. It has extensive communication port besides standard one. So that we can plug a remote control module on it, controlled by a RCU with connected sensors.
11. Optional indicator light module indicates communication state.
12. Download up to two thousand steps each controlling 24 servos and run them offline.
13. High download speed.
14. Run button facilitates the start of robot by way of music or external signal.
15. Control exact step interval, ensuring the precise execution even in offline mode.



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