1) Ample parts for you to build your own robot at your pleasure.
2) Powerful functions, lots of I/O ports on main controller and various sensors, enable you to bring your imagination into full play.
3) USB2.0 download cable makes it easy for program download and PC-robot communication.
4) Easy to learn and easy to use. The programming platform can perform functions of icon-base flow chart editing, C-language code editing, and sensor data logging. Thus no matter you are a newcomer or a seasoned robotics hobbyist, you can program as you please.
5) On-line courses, fit for personal learning and training organization.

About X-RCU

Built-in dot matrix characters LCD.
8 analog ports and 12 digital ports which can be designed as I/O freely.
2 motor ports of high current.
Built-in speaker.
Low voltage indicator and communication indicator.

About Sensors and Performers

  • JMP-BE-1111 gray scale sensor (2 pieces)
  • JMP-BE-1610A Touch sensor (2 pieces)
  • JMP-BE-1510 Red LED (2 piece)
  • JMP-BE-3548X High-Speed Motor 3548X (2 pieces)
  • Built-in speaker (inside RCU)

Example construnctions

Line tracking robot

Pull-back Tricycle

Mechanical Parts

Electronic Modules

Brief introduction of main controller RCU

Like human, robot is created with a blank "brain" as new-born baby, but it needs program as a guide to oberserve the external world and fulfil reaction by certain functions.
Then, what is robot's BRAIN?
The RCU!


memory 32 K (twice of the Super RCU)
System kernel Joinmax Robot Express Kernel
Free ports 24
Output pressure (motor port excluded) 5V
Output current (motor port excluded) 3A
System time presicion (system speed) 1 / 16 us
Embedded clock module precision 5*8 pels/character
Power low indicator (rise) 7.2V (error:5%)
Power low indicator (drop) 6.8V (error:5%)
Input pressure min: 7V; max: 12V
Adapter DC 5.0 standard connector, positive pole inside and negative pole outside
Power ripple Max:100 mV
Power waste of controller (without module or back light) 20mA (error:10%)

Robot Express (program software)

1) Easy to learn and use.
2) Flexible programming, in way of either flow chart icon programming or C-language code programming. The flow chart icons and codes can be displayed at the same screen for comparison, a handy way for codes learning and testing.
3) Customized setting, all such items as desktop pattern, line, background color and reminder message are decided by user.
4) Integrated online help, enable user to program comfortably without any need to refer to manual.
5) Allow users to create icons or modules by their own, meeting higher demands of DIY users and robot hackers.

JMC-NY-0801 Part List

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